10 Benefits oF Breakfast For Your Children

Benefits of breakfast for your children

Benefits of breakfast for your children

Don’t allow your children to go to school without having breakfast . Every morning your children wake up and prepare themselves to school  : wearing clothes , brushing  their teeth and combing their hair but rarely have breakfast .

Do you know the results of that?

Let’s tell you the high benefits of breakfast for your children :-

  1. It helps in improving their marks particularly and especially in math’s and reading. 
  2. Improves their behaviors’ particularly and especially with their schoolmates.
  3. boosts their memory and make them more focus.
  4. Protects them from illness which may lead to educations retardation.
  5. Provides them with essential vitamins ,calcium dietary fibers ,protein and folate.
  6. Establishes the healthy habits in your children in a long run.
  7. Having breakfast with little of sugar and rich in fibers. effect their cognitive performance and com pretension.
  8. Gives them a quarter of the daily diet of protein , calcium also vitamin (A) and (C).
  9. Provides them with positively and energy which are important in the bates and summer activates.
  10. Having breakfast after 8 to 10 hours contributes in alimentary abstinence and stilling them away of hunger and its negative results difficulty in concentrate . tired no and aggressive.


So, don’t allow these benefits miss your children and start to have breakfast. Dint forget that the healthy meal should start with glass of milk Which contains carbohydrates , protein which your child needs. And in addition to a number of metals, vitamins like zinc ,calcium ,magnesium and vitamins (D)(B2)(B6)(B12) witch contribute in building bones and bodies.

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