How to get Pregnant Fast – top  12 conceiving tips

Changing your lifestyle to a better way will help you to maximize the chances in getting pregnant.  So, find out exactly how you can conceive a baby faster than you guess.  

How To Get Pregnant fast?

If That’s Something You Keep Asking Yourself Then This article Containing top  12 conceiving tips that will help you to get pregnant fast

Tip # 1 . Follow Healthy Diet

get Pregnant Fast

Always be sure you are eating sufficient fruits, vegetables from various color groups to get important vitamins and minerals into your body.

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Tip # 2 . Take Vitamins

get Pregnant Fast

You will require key nutrients in order to conceive  and continue to take them while you are pregnant such as Vitamin E, Zinc, Copper, Potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, B6, Ribloflavin.

Tip # 3 . Maintain The Right Weight

get Pregnant Fast

To promote your fertility, ideally your BMI (body mass index) should be at 20-25. If you are over or under this figure then the chances are you’ll struggle harder in getting pregnant fast.

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Tip # 4 . Detox

get Pregnant Fast

Detoxing your system is an excellent way to purify yourself of any harmful toxins.  Your body should be clean from nasty toxin before you plan to conceive a baby.  Toxins can decrease the quality of sperm, fertility system and endanger the life of the fetus. 
So giving up and cutting back on alcohol, cigarette, coffee is a must if you want to conceive fast and give birth to a healthy baby.

Tip # 5 . Make sure you are in good physical health


If you want to get pregnant fast you should be sure you are in good physical health  Infections, STD, infertility issues, vitamins and nutritional deficiency can affect the health of the reproductive system.  Daily light exercises, taking prenatal vitamins and consuming healthy food can boost the chance of getting pregnant.

Tip # 6. Track your ovulation date

get Pregnant Fast

To improve the chance of getting pregnant, know and note when the best time of baby making is.  Understanding the signs of ovulation or using ovulation prediction kits can be very helpful to predict when you are ovulating.

Tip # 7. Have frequent intercourse before ovulation

get Pregnant Fast

Your partner’s sperm can live for up to 3 – 5 days, while after your ovulation the egg can only survive around 24 hours.   This is why you must attempt a lot of sex 2 – 3 days prior ovulation can increase the chances of conceiving.

Tip # 8. Have enjoyable sex

When you are focusing in trying to conceive, it is possible that sex becomes a routine and far from enjoyable.  Some therapists believe that reaching orgasm can increase the chance of getting pregnant; that is why it is important for you and your spouse to plan romantic evening to spice up your romance.  When you feel sexually aroused, you will easily reach your orgasm during sex. 

Tip # 9. Have intercourse 3 times a week.

The more you have sex the more likely it is that you will become pregnant.    There are a lot of advice on when to have sex to get pregnant and there are different sort of ovulation charts, kits available to be used but those may affect the fun and destroy your love life because making love at instructed time can give you a lot of pressure.
Make your love makings pleasurable and make yourself sexy to keep your partner sperm inside longer. 

Tip # 10. Sexual positions



Many fertility experts say that any sex position can make you pregnant.  But in certain cases it is worthwhile to choose some position such as missionary position that can keep sperm longer and prevent from leaking. 
It is better to lay down for a few minutes and avoid wiping or taking shower right away after love making.

Tip # 11. Know Your Cycle

Know Your Cycle /family-helping

Mostly, women get pregnant within a day or two around the ovulation period.  Usually, it is 2 weeks after your period starts.  Therefore having frequent sex at this time is highly recommended.
Remember that healthy sperm can live up to 7 days but eggs only live for 12-24 hours.  As sperm can live longer, they travel up to the fallopian tubes and wait for days to meet the released egg.  So having sexy time regularly is important when you want to start a family fast.

Tip # 12. Minimize stress

Minimize stress /family-helping

Trying to conceive can put both of you a lot of pressure.  Unfortunately stress can minimize or destroy the chance of conceiving.
Many couples take the benefit of relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation to increase the chances in getting pregnant.  Spending time to soak in aromatherapy bath or exchanging sexy massage with your partner will reduce your stress level and spice up your love life. 

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How to get Pregnant Fast – top  12 conceiving tips